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Doxdit (XDIT) is a DeFi-based crypto project verification platform. Project verification is the name of the mechanism that examines the smart contract, other software code, and the project team contained in a crypto project. With our informative report and Success Index Score, you can give your community a good sense of security.

Doxdit Use Case

We examine the projects in depth like no one has done before to make your investments safer. 

Project Verification
Doxdit does this entire audit and verification process with a method and perspective quite different from its counterparts. We examine smart contracts, team identity, website code, logo and visual quality and wallet transactions.
Success Index Score
The success index is closely related to the competence of the team and the reliability of the project. In addition, Doxdit publishes a final report, explaining each stage of the detailed security review to the public with transparency.
Safe Staking & Launchpad Service
The basic idea behind Doxdit's Safe Staking&Launchpad Service is the principle of protecting investment and investor, which is the most important element of the crypto ecosystem.

Doxdit Process

Request a Quote
Request a free Audit and submit the required docs to us. According to the first evaluation result we will sent you an offer.
We will examine your project and prepare a detailed report with code vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
Your team works in close cooperation with our PROCESS team to ensure that the vulnerabilities are closed.
Success Index
Once the Doxdit Process is completed you will have a SI Score and your project will be listed on Doxdit with detailed report.

KYC Verification

Doxdit reviews a cryptocurrency project team based on the following criterias. These criterias are used to measure the team’s disposition towards the project and the success index of the project.

Project ownership

Team members verification

Team identity

Contract status

Asset 1

Why to Buy $XDIT Now?

The digital currency of the Doxdit ecosystem is the XDIT Token. Once the Doxdit platform is fully operational: Project Verification System applications, Staking Pool creation and editing processes, Operations such as listing projects on the Doxdit website can only be done with $XDIT

Low Total Supply

Real Use Case


Low Market Cap

Benefits for Holders

5% buy/sell tax 3% goes to market and 2% to liquidity.

Monthly airdrops for XDIT holders.

Staking rewards for XDIT holders.


$XDIT has a 100,000 maximum supply. 60% tokens of the fairlaunch on Pinksale will be locked for 365 days on Pancakeswap. The remaining supply will be put into circulation at predetermined periods within 2 years.

Vesting Period

Pinksale fairlaunch. Guaranteed allocation.

After 3 months lockup period, 1% will be distributed to the token holders every month.

2 years lockup then %5 will be unlocked every month.

3 months lockup period then %25 will be unlocked every month.

3 months lockup then %10 will be unlocked every month.


What does an audit cost?

How much do you have to pay for a Doxdit (detailed audit) or KYC? It’s less than you think. Send us a non-binding request and receive a personalized offer.

Token Sale Details

Pinksale Fairlaunch

Aug 28, 2022 (12:00PM UTC)
Aug 29, 2022 (12:00PM UTC)
Acceptable curencies
Number of Tokens
60,000 XDIT
PCS Launch Date
Aug 30, 2022 (12:00PM UTC)
Liquidity Reward
5% buy/sell tax 3% goes to market and 2% to liquidity.

About Us & Company

A distributed team working with distributed technologies

Team members are spread across multiple locations, including Romania, Australia, Netherlands, Russia and Spain. Our team has experience in various sectors of the IT and financial industry. DOXDIT is globally distributed team that has the skills and experience to realize the potential and risks of projects in blockchain technology. We are a group of dedicated developers, designers, analysts, programmers and – above all – innovators in the field of security and business scaling. Our team is made up of global professionals from core fields who are passionate about DeFi and the crypto industry in general.

We are creating this outstanding project from crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts with the aim of building an alternative to most of hype-only projects. Our main goal is to create a crypto space with long-term working and stable income-generating DeFi products, multifunctional and safe Staking&Launchpad services and ensure a sustainable and secure investment for all type users. XDIT token is not just a speculative coin. We have worked out an anti-inflationary tokenomics model, where all ecosystem participants will receive rewards on equal terms, and use the token in different services of DOXDIT products.

Road map

Our Strategy & Project Plan

Nov 2021

  • - Website Design
  • - Whitepaper
  • - Contract Deploy
Aug 2022

  • - Pinksale Fairlaunch
  • - Partnerships
  • - Marketing
Sep 2022

  • - Index Service
  • - Exchange Listings
  • - New Partnerships
Dec 2022

  • - DOXPAD IDO Service
  • - Automated Audit Platform
  • - Tier1 Exchange Listing
Nov 2022

  • - Staking Service
  • - NFT Audit Service
  • - New Partnerships


Check your investment security!

Ensure the security of your investments with us. Let us examine the project you are investing in and provide you with consultancy.